Keratin is a protein compound found in the hairs naturally. The only need is to maintain its quantity as it makes hair strong and shiny. This hair treatment is recommended for the highly damaged hair. The low-content of keratin results in dry and damaged hair.
Keratin hair treatment strengthens hair roots and helps in fast growth. This protein component makes hair soft and smooth.

They also became manageable and tangle-free. This reduces hair fall problem and keeps the scalp healthy. We use high-quality products to carry to this hair treatment. Daylesford Massage and Spa Center perform treatment under the supervision of experienced professionals.
Thus, clients visit us time and again to avail the beauty service.


Today, pollution causes maximum damage to the hairs. This therapy prevent hair fall as the therapy include use of medicinal products that eradicates the harmful bacteria and infection form the scalp.


The Keratin process makes the hair look shiner. This hair treatment works on making hair soft and strong. Go for this hair treatment once and feel the difference.


Keratin Hair Treatment makes the roots strong that allows minimum hair fall. Also, we provide hair care set to maintain the hair. Visit Daylesford Massage and Spa to experience silky soft hairs.


Long hairs are usually difficult to maintain. As a result, the scalp gets dry and dandruff prone. This hair treatment keeps the scalp healthy and allows regular hair growth.


The Daylesford Massage and Spa believe in living young and beautiful. Hence, we offer Keratin hair treatment that stops the hairs from turning grey. Keratin is a natural ingredient that retains the life of hairs and prevents them from being weak.


This hair treatment is completely ammonia-free and has no side-effects. The client is suggested to undergo the scalp check-up to know the condition of hairs.


Worried about the increasing hair fall every day? Well, now say goodbye to hair fall as we offer hair loss treatment solution exclusively for you. This treatment cleanses the scalp by flushing out the impurities such as dandruff and dust. Let your scalp and hair undergo the complete exfoliation process to restart production of follicles.
Hair loss treatment is suitable for both men and women.

The lowering quantity of protein, inadequate diet and stress are the common factors that cause hair loss. Thus, it is important to stay happy to keep hairs healthy. Hair loss treatment becomes more effective when the person includes protein-rich food in their regular diet.
We suggest people to include lentils and fish in everyday meals to make the hairs look thicker.


Hair fall is the most embarrassing situation of life. The Daylesford Massage and Spa center brings you the chance to get rid of this problem forever. Book the consultation date with our experts and prevent hair fall at the earliest.


Make the hairs healthy with 100 percent natural hair fall prevention treatment. Daylesford Massage and Spa center ensures hair loss prevention within the least time possible.


Dandruff is the main cause of hair fall. Hence, we work to eradicate dandruff completely from your scalp. Make your hairs dandruff free and flaunt classic hair styles.


Inadequate supply of nutrition to the body also causes hair-fall. Hence, we suggest the intake of health supplements to provide nutrition necessary for hair growth.


Hair loss is also caused due to fungal infection. Hair thickness and pollution causes fungal infection on the scalp. This results in infection and then hair loss. Daylesford Massage and Spa offers hair fall treatment at an affordable cost.


Dull and damaged hairs are also responsible for hair loss. The hair fall treatment service provided at the Daylesford Massage and Spa center improves hair quality and makes them stronger.


Get a healthy scalp by oiling the hairs with hot oil. Winters are the best season to undergo this treatment. We use a variety of oils such as jojoba oil, tea tree oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil and the famous olive oil.
However, the type of oil massage depends upon the condition of the hairs.

As, the dull and the damaged hair require deep scalp massage to remove dead cell. The hot oil massage circulates blood flow in the brain and allows hair to grow. Regular massage sessions give a glossy touch to the hairs. This treatment id not suggested during summers.
The hairs get frizzy, and dandruff grows at a fast pace during winters. Thus, this treatment proves beneficial in the cold weather of the year.


Oiling is a must task to keep hairs healthy and strong. Daylesford Massage and Spa center provide the oil massaging facility that nourishes your hairs. Come to us every week and get the hot oil therapy.


The hairs give a finished look after oiling. This helps in finding out the split ends in the hair. Our professionals chop-off the split-ends that curtail the hair growth.


Change of winds from cause dryness in the atmosphere which later turns into hair dryness. The hot oil massage therapy conditions the hairs and protects them from damage.


The hot oil massage is suggested for winter season. When the dry winds running at the peak and roughness in the breeze tears in the skin causing complete dryness. We open the pre-booking for hot the treatments from November to March.


Hot oil massage regulates the blood flow in brain. Daylesford Massage and Spa center is experienced at offering healthy hot oil massage that circulates the blood flow.


The hot oil massage conditions the hair and allows the natural growth of hairs. Daylesford Massage and Spa center promises the clients to get fabulous hairs with this hair treatment.


Make your feet look beautiful with our pedicure service at Daylesford Massage and Spa center. Get rid of the crack-heels and sunburn by opting for this pedicure. We make you soak the feet in a tub filled with warm water and sea-salt for ten minutes. Enjoy the light music while getting job feet job done with us.
We suggest wearing of wedges style ballie for those facing crack-heel problems.

The bellies keep the feet close from all the sides. Sea-salt is best for heeling of crack heels. This pedicure makes the angles soft and dryness-free.
Make a visit twice a month to have smooth and good looking feet.


The natural properties of sea-salt exfoliate the hardness and dirt from the skin. Daylesford Massage and Spa center has a team of pedicure experts to perform feet therapy for the clients.


The feet grab the attention first. Hence it is important to keep the feet look gorgeous. Pamper your ankles and rejoice the beauty happy feets. Enhance your overall beauty with Daylesford Massage and Spa center.


Say goodbye to the rough and dry feets with nutritional feet therapies at Daylesford Massage and Spa center. Our professionals take care of your feets and make them glow.


The foot skin is the most sensitive skin of the human body. A small starch can cause dullness to the feets which takes away the beauty of feets. Hence, we offer sea-salt pedicure to make the feets healthy.


The sea-salt gives the natural nourishment to the feets and make them look amazingly beautiful. Daylesford Massage and Spa center is manage clients for this therapy in large numbers.


Feets offer first impression of the people. Hence, we here at Daylesford Massage and Spa center ensure the clients to have beautiful looking clean feets that make them presentable always.


Milk is good for health and so is honey. But, have you tried both the things together for making your feets look glossy? If not then you must go for this pedicure.
This royal-styled pedicure is helpful for all.

But, those looking to give a shiny look to the feet, must try this out. The richness of milk and silky soft texture of honey removes the layer of dust from the feet. This makes the skin look younger and shinier. The massage of these two ingredients gives a radiant finish to the feet.
Our beauty experts make crack heels vanish.


We all are aware of the goodness milk have. This goodness is used to keep the feets strong and shinny. Get an ultimate shine to the feet skin by soaking feets in the Milk and Honey pedicure with us.


The sweetness of honey is always liked by people. Now feel the smoothness of honey on your feets. As our feet experts rub off the dirt from feets while doing Milk and Honey pedicure.


Make the feets look classic with the essence of natural extracts used by our beauty professionals at Daylesford Massage and Spa center. We use pure herbal products that are chemical-free.


Crack heals are caused due to bad weather and dirt. Hence, we use milk and honey both that hold the properties to cut malicious compound from the skin.


Unhealthy ankles and dull skin of feets makes you feel low on the confidence. We here at Daylesford Massage and Spa center ensures smoothening of the feets like never before.


Beautiful feets allow you to flaunt stylish footwear. Our feet experts understand this and take every possible measure to make the feets look beautiful. Give a visit to Daylesford Massage and Spa center in Victoria.

This pedicure is exclusively for the summer season. The sunburn makes the feet look dark. Avail feet cleaning process by orange and lime to make your feets feel fresh. The citrus agent of these fruits cut down the dust and pollution from the skin.
This pedicure tightens the skin and offers happy feet experience to the client.

Enjoy the fresh farm ambiance at our place while getting the feet makeover. Also, get your nails shaped and polished from Daylesford spa and massage center. The clients can choose the type of pedicure they wish to have.
TGet one of the best pedicures of Victoria State here at our place.


Daylesford Massage and Spa center is an excellent place to pamper your feets. Our overall beauty experts assure the client to get Cinderella looking feets at the end of the pedicure process.


The orange fruit acts as a cleaning agent and flush out the dirt and pollution from the feet skin. We here at Daylesford Massage and Spa center promises the customers to get a new lease of life for their feets.


The oranges hold cleaning properties that removes blemishes from the sensitive skin of feets. Make regular visit for this pedicure to Daylesford Massage and Spa center in Victoria.


The fresh limes are used to fetch pollution from the skin. The fresh smell of limes keeps fungal infection away from feets. Daylesford Massage and Spa center gives cleanliness to the feets.


The cleanliness properties of lime reduce the chance of bacterial and infectious growth. Daylesford Massage and Spa center use fresh limes to make the feets look beautiful.


The combination of two fruits enriched with Vitamin C assures you to have flawless feets skin. We are experienced at making feets glow like a star.


Weeding date fixed? Now, worried about the bad-condition of your feets that can ruin your image on the wedding day? Don’t worry now as we Daylesford Massage and Spa center is here. This pedicure is suggested mostly to the brides-to-be. Give your feet a feather-touch feel with the goodness of vanilla and palm sugar.
The pedicure washes out the dust, tan and scars from the feet.

Here, the palm sugar keeps the skin hydrated and the vanilla fragrance gets you odorless feets. The clients experience clean and hydrated feet for a long time after opting for this pedicure.
Sit back and relax while we dip, soak and clean your feet.


Book the pedicure date with us at least a month before. We have a proper working plan for the brides-to-be that allow the girl to flaunt her trendy footwear on the wedding day.


Make your feets look seamlessly beautiful with a zero scar mark. Detach the bad memories attached with your feets with this ultimate pedicure exercised by us at Daylesford Massage and Spa center.


Give your feets a glossy finish with Feather-Soft pedicure that enhances your overall beauty. Daylesford Massage and Spa center provides herbal products that give an extra shine to the feets.


Daylesford Massage and Spa center cleans the feets and help the clients get rid of sun-tan problem. Also, we suggest wearing of close footwear such as shoes and ballies form few days before the wedding.


SHAPE THE NAILS We also give beautiful shape to your nails and also put the nail polish of the client’s choice. Daylesford Massage and Spa center offers pedicure facility at home as well. You only have to make this point noted with us at the time of booking.


The nail art is famous for hands. But, we give stylish look to the nails after completing the Soft-Feather pedicure here at Daylesford Massage and Spa center.